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Ambien Pills

Ambien, that has a generic term ‘Zolpidem , is marketed as one of the top medications available for inducing sleep. There are many brand variants of Zolpidem and many pill versions of Ambien by itself. This may be due to different manufacturers, dosage strengths and difference in the place of manufacturing. In this illustration, we have shown different variants of Ambien pill with respect how they appear in its physical forms.

What are the types of Ambien Tablets?

As earlier mentioned, there are many variants, but these 7 below graphed medication forms are the most common. Oblong and round form is the most common physical structures in which the medications are found.

  • Round tablet imprinted with “54 533”.
  • Oval tablet imprinted with ‘E’ and ‘79’.
  • Round tablet imprinted with ‘TEVA’, ‘74’ and ‘93’.
  • Oblong tablet imprinted with ‘10’ and ‘APO’.
  • Oblong tablet imprinted with ‘LOGO’ and ‘10 MG’.
  • Oblong tablet imprinted with ‘V’ and ‘6469’.
  • Round tablet imprinted with “M Z2”.

To know the complete detail about these pills read below,

Oval tablet imprinted with ‘E’ and ‘79’.

Zolpidem tablet of 10mg dosage is imprinted with E 79. This pill is supplied by Aurobindo Pharma. This dosage is commonly prescribed to treat the condition of Insomnia. This medication comes under the class of sedatives and hypnotics. The pregnancy risk associated with this dosage is not yet figured out. Considering the side effect associated with this, the drug has been taken under controlled substance Act and is classified as Schedule 4 controlled substance. Some inactive ingredients included are magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate titanium dioxide and so on. If taken along with sleeping pills can cause overdosing.

Round tablet imprinted with ‘TEVA’, ‘74’ and ‘93’.

The pill imprint of TEVA 74 was found in Zolpidem tartrate 10mg tablet. This Insomnia pill belongs to the class of drug called miscellaneous anxiolytics, sedatives, and hypnotics. As this medication is classified under Risk C category the pregnancy risk of this medication cannot be ruled out. Also, this Zolpidem tartrate medication is found to have a low potential for abuse. In the United States, the drug has been currently accepted for the medicinal use. Hence the psychological and physical dependence of this medication is ruled out at the lower range. This is found from the previous analysis of the drug schedule.

Oblong tablet imprinted with ‘10’ and ‘APO’.

The APO Zolpidem tablets are the Zolpidem tartrate tablets. The 10mg strength of the pill is imprinted as Zolpidem APO 10 in it. This is verified and approved for the use of Insomnia in patients. Under controlled substance act, this medication classified as the schedule 4 category of drugs. The medication strips contained the total of 7 to 14 tablets in it. The imprint of APO is seen on one side and on another side of the tablet with the imprint of 10 with “1” and European bisect of the digit “0” is seen. The Trade marketers of this Zolpidem APO 10 is Apotex Inc. As this is classified as a scheduled substance it should be taken under doctors advice.

Oblong tablet imprinted with ‘LOGO’ and ‘10 MG’.

It is a yellow colored capsule with the imprint of LOGO 10mg in it. This Zolpidem variant is marketed by the Torrent Pharmaceuticals. This medication was classified under the schedule 4 controlled substance based on the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). the 10mg of the tablet is verified and approved for the treatment of sedatives and hypnotic category of remedies. This medication can be procured only with an approved prescription in hand. Torrent Pharmaceuticals has taken the legal supplier authority of this medication. The pregnancy risk associated with this medication is not yet ruled out. Hence the patient before taking this pill should seek doctors advice before taking it.

Oblong tablet imprinted with ‘V’ and ‘6469’.

This Zolpidem variant is imprinted as V 6469 in it. The tablet has a V imprint on one side and 6469 on the other side. This medication is available under prescription. And is described as the category 4 medication potential to cause dependence capacity in human. As the pregnancy category of this pill is mentioned under section C the risk of taking it during pregnancy is not known. The legal supplier and labeler of this medication are Vintage Pharmaceuticals. Hence you can get this anxiolytic sedative medication with prescription anywhere in pharmacies marketed by this labeler. This medication includes some inactive ingredient such as titanium dioxide, stearic dioxide, triacetin, lactose monohydrate, hypromellose.

Round tablet imprinted with “M Z2”.

The pill is imprinted as M Z2 in it. It is identified as a purple round shaped capsule with the fixed strength of 10 mg. The size of this tablet is about 8.00mm which can be procured under legal prescription. This medication is supplied by legal suppliers such as Mylan Pharmaceuticals. The repackagers of this medication will vary. The pregnancy risk associated with this medication is not yet ruled out. With legal and approved Rx in hand, the patient can opt for this medication.

Round tablet imprinted with “54 533”.

This Zolpidem pill is imprinted as 54 533 in it. The supplier of this pill is Roxane Laboratories, Inc. This medication is classified under the controlled substance and with the pregnancy category C with the risk is not yet ruled out. The round shaped pill with the active ingredient Zolpidem has some additional inactive ingredient associated with it.

You can see the above listed pills images in the below infographics

Infographic image which contains all Ambien pills image

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