General queries

What is the list of medications that you provide?

We, pharmacy are the stockist of Generic Ambien (Zolpidem) and Brand Ambien pills. Ambien is our vast selling Brand. The manufacturers of Ambien pills are Sanofi Aventis. One of their product extended release Ambien CR is not available in the generic version.

How trustworthy are you to share information?

We provide a secure way of communication with our customers using web security tools and software. Also, our server is encrypted through 128bit SSL secured service. Periodically we work on updating our software to the latest version to ensure that our all our customer information and chats, communications are protected. And rest of the possibilities of selling the product to other parties is not employed by us.

What are the ways to stay in connect with you?

The user can connect our customer support executives at any time through email and contact form. The users can express their opinions via emails to Also, you can drop your comments on the contact form by providing your mail id and username.

What is your work background?

We are serving our customers with Ambien for decades and now we are serving our customers via online. We are running this service successfully for the past three years.

Shipping service queries

What are the shipping modes you employ your buyers?

We are in a tie with the leading shipping service FedEx. Who offers three modes of shipping and you can choose your relevant method. Do refer to our shipping policy to know more about the timing and cost of shipping.

From where the Consignments of Ambien are?

We get our Ambien products directly from the official manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC without nay suppliers in between.

Which countries are being served by you?

We are serving the entire USA. The customers can claim for refunds and reshipment if needed.

When will the tracking number reach the customers?

Once your payment process is done. The product will be dispatched and the tracking number will be forwarded to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

How to track my order?

A tracking number will be sent to your registered mail id through which you be redirected to the page where you can trace the path of your arriving Ambien package. If any discomfort happens you can reach out customer support team members who will help you in tracking and updating.

How long will it take for the products to reach me?

Certainly, it takes about 6 to 16 days. Also, you can get the product reach you quickly as fast as 4 days. Once Your Ambien product is dispatched you will receive an email including your tracking code.

What happens if the ordered product is missing or trapped by the customs?

If any such events happened our executives will inform you immediately. And you shall get the complete refund and reshipment at free of cost. Hence you shall be hassle-free about the trouble.

Also, you know that every order shipped will be passed through the customs. Such action may have the possibilities of getting your package inspected by the customs commissioner.

Do your delivery modes include PO box delivery?

No, we didn’t take a risk in dropping our products through PO box delivery. All our products will be sent via our tied delivering services.

There were reports saying that Ambien from the USA was supplied belatedly. What prompts you to assure a timely supply of Ambien?

We are processing a complete chain mechanism checking the interruption in the supply. Under worst events, our executives are triggered to fix it as possible if can’t complete refund will be provided.

Payment Queries

What are the available payment options?

We accept Debit Card including Visa and MasterCard, Credit Cards and E-checks. Also, there are other payments which can be utilized in future the under progress payment methods are included in our payment options page.

Whenever I choose to pay using my Credit Card it wasn’t cleared. How to overcome the error?

Free of worries. We kindly insist you to crosscheck whether the information submitted by you are correct. If still, you are getting an error in processing you can try using another Credit Card. If the trouble still remains unsolved, you can contact your bank as some bank may include some location filter denying the access to your card.

For security related concerns some bank may block the access to your card from other host countries. And this can be resolved simply by connecting your credit card providers and requesting them to unblock the restrictions which will be accessed instantly by the bank members. Then you can access your orders easily.

What are all the eligibility criteria to claim for a refund from you?

If the dispatched Ambien package is lost in its way before delivery.

If the Product package is damaged on the way of delivery. That is at the time of receiving if any damage is persisted then the user may claim a refund for the product.

Other such related criteria’s are mentioned in detail on our Refund page. Kindly do refer to it.

Do my credit card payment reflect the category of product that I have purchased from you?

As your purchase related information is maintained and disclosed discreetly, your payment access to our portal will not reveal the kind of good.

Is it possible to cancel the order after payment confirmation?

Absolutely, you can claim for refunds till the product the product is delivered to you. You can cancel the order from your account. From the Dash Board, you can cancel your order.

I am buying Ambien pills from you regularly. How to avail for a discount from you?

By using the coupon cards you can receive discounts for your previously shipped Ambien products.

Why are international bank transfers refused at your online pharmacy?

The charges claimed for international bank transfers are ultimately high and we are still working to computerize the practice.

Ambien queries

Is it legal to get Ambien from the USA?

This is legal to procure Ambien from anywhere across the USA. As all the Ambien packs ordered and dispatched are under Rx. Hence it is completely safe and legal to procure from the USA. Also, this can be free to ship under legal authorities of submission. And if any pack is seized by customs the complete refund will be provided.

What are the effects that Ambien brings to a man?

Ambien helps you overcome your sleeping trouble thereby getting you peaceful and uninterpreted and long hours of calm sleep. also, this helps you relaxed and stress free morning with refreshing thoughts.

How often can Ambien be taken?

The user can take it as prescribed. The dosage of Ambien is usually prescribed before sleep and if taken in the morning will be dangerous as this will get you sleepy all over the day.

Disclaimer: Do not take the Ambien directly by obtaiing the information from this site. The information are provided in this site is not a direct solution or treat your disease. Always we suggest you to check with a doctor, get a prescription then start purchasing it from here. So, we are no responsible if you are taking the medication only based on the information given on this website. While taking this medication if you have seen any changes or effects in the condition of your health immediately check with your doctor.