is committed to safeguarding any details collected from those people that visit our site and make utilize of our technology and online facilities accurate, secure, confidential and private. Our privacy policy is applicable only to our Ambien online pharmacy. We need you to know what are the details we collected from you, how we make utilize of those details in our services and how we protect your personal information. At first, you have to know what are the services we offer to you and details required to submit with. A detailed explanation has been given in the following description, where we have clearly concluded the reasons for gathering your personal information. Few of your details will be shared with third-parties in order to obtain the services from them. We make utilize your personal data to offer you with more details and services or products. Using this website, you are agreed to the privacy policy. Yet read the privacy policy before accessing our website and making a purchase with us.

Collection of Personal Data collect some of your personal information like name, address, phone number, and email id. Also, we collect some other details to promote our online marketing sales and such data are gender, age, interest, favorites, preferences and ZIP Code.

Even sometime we may collect your computer software and hardware. These details are type of browser, domain name, IP address, referring site addresses, and access time. These details are gather for the service maintenance function, to enrich the service quality and to offer common statistics about the usage of our online site.

Kindly note if you have given any of your personal identification details or sending sensitive information through our public message boards, these details may be gathered and utilized by some others. Make sure not to provide unnecessary data to this website. Your offline and online communication will not be recorded by us.

Utilize of your Personal Details make use of your personal information to function the website and deliver exceptional services you have solicited. Your details will help us to reach you to inform other services or products available with us. We may also conduct a research on your opinions regarding our services so we can improve our services in a better ways.

We utilize your personal data for processing the order and shipment. We do not disclose any information to any third parties except the delivery service providers as they require your information to deliver your package.

Opt-Out or Unsubscribe

All of our customers and website visitors have the option to unsubscribe on receiving the information from us and he/she have the rights to discontinue on getting information either in the way of newsletter and email. If you want to unsubscribe or discontinue to our website, then kindly send a mail that you desire to opt-out.

Links to other sites

A third party link has been given on our website but we do not hold the responsibility of any third party websites. This privacy policy is not applicable to third-party sites. Therefore we request our website visitors to be careful while they leave our site and read the privacy policy of each and every website because there is a chance of collecting your personal details.


We utilize cookies on this website and it common with varied site operators. Cookies are nothing but it is a small file that store the information of your data given on the site on your computer hardware and the storing process is done by your browser. So each time you can access the website without providing such details about yourself which have given previously.

Most of the browsers allow cookies automatically, but you have to change your browser frequently in order to avoid cookies being saved.

Changes to this Statement

We keep on updating our privacy policy to meet high guidelines. Hence we request our users to check out our privacy policy page periodically to revisit our recent policies on collecting information, making use of personal data and any other security methods.

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