In this article, you can find all related information regarding the refund policies and the amount and eligibility criteria under which one can claim the refund. Before claiming for the refund kindly do check on this and make sure whether you will be benefited or not. Also, you can connect our customer care team members to know about the method of claiming and getting reshipment.

The following are the criteria’s under which the buyer can claim for a refund. If any of the following situations matches then you can claim for the refund.

  • If the package is damaged at the time of delivery. As such if the damaged is caused from our side by our executives.
  • If the Ambien med you received has crossed the expiry date.
  • If the patient has claimed unsatisfactory effect towards using Ambien. Under this situation, if the prescription verification is failed the refund will not be processed.
  • If the pill is damaged or tempered at the time of delivery the user can claim for refund.

Once the above mentioned criteria are detected the user should reach our customer care team members which should be taken to their notice within 7 days of delivery. The notification can be sent via mail to our team members which will be analyzed and the exact match of the claimed a complaint if detected will be sent a confirmation mail to refund the invoice amount back to you. If any factors seemed irrelevant to the risen complaint the refund will be canceled. Such some criteria will be excluded from getting a refund they include.

If the Ambien pack is damaged from your side or if you are not interested in taking the Ambien pill

The complete details about Ambien will be provided in the product page such as the manufacturer details hence every buyer before buying should check for the information and if any discomfort regarding the brand will not be taken as a satisfactory reason for a refund.

Also if the person has claimed any complaint after the usage of Ambien they are eligible to get a part refund from our team members. Also if the user is not interested in using the package you should return the package without opening the seal of the package and return it immediately to claim a complete refund. Also, this doesn’t need a complaint to be claimed via mail. As our delivery support team member will get the pack without delivering.

The user if needed can claim for reshipment if they are in need of Ambien. A new set of Ambien pills will be sent to you and there is no need to pay additional charges for the reshipment.

The average time taken for your package to reach you is about 7 business days excluding the weekends and holidays. And if the customer is recommended for the reshipment of the package it will take up to 10 business from the day of receiving confirmation. This time of refunding and reshipping may vary depending on the location and serving department. For more details just drop a mail to then our customer support team will call you within 6 – 8 working hours to solve your refund related queries. While sending an mail kindly mention in subject as the mail regarding refund with including your refund ticket number or order ID.

Disclaimer: Do not take the Ambien directly by obtaiing the information from this site. The information are provided in this site is not a direct solution or treat your disease. Always we suggest you to check with a doctor, get a prescription then start purchasing it from here. So, we are no responsible if you are taking the medication only based on the information given on this website. While taking this medication if you have seen any changes or effects in the condition of your health immediately check with your doctor.